Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Girlz-anita" Weekend

This is the house we rented for girls weekend in Manzanita, Oregon. What a wonderful house! It was only 2 blocks from the ocean and fully stocked. It was decorated perfectly and made you want to come in and kick your flip flops off and stay awhile!
The girls who got to go were my mom Barbara, my sister Annette, my friend since the 3rd grade Sharon, my other friend from jr. high Tiffany and me! We had our scrapbook get-a-way and the beach all combined into one...fabulous!

One beautiful view to the left (top) and another beautiful view to the right (bottom). This is what we saw every day when we walked out to the beach. As you can tell, there are no people in these pictures...there usually wasn't and if you did see people, it was only a few. It was like having our own private beach!!

Sisto Annette

Momma Barbara

Friend Tiffany
Friend Sharon
and Me!
Sharon and I having a moment of joy!
This was our album cover photo. Doesn't it look like we were posing for a album cover? Tiffany brought her tri-pod so we could get some group photos...We had so much fun and I got my exercise setting the pictures up and then running to my spot. I need to find a remote for my camera, that is if they make such a thing!
We arrived at the house on Thursday night and were there until Tuesday morning. Mom and Annette had to leave on Monday night, but we didn't have any fun after they left. We all took turns with meals. Annette, Tiffany and I did a lunch and dinner. Sharon brought the snacks and drinks. Mom Brought breakfast for all of the days. We all had a craft project to teach except for mom who brought 2 sheets of Mississippi cake for us instead.
We would get up in the mornings, no alarm clocks here! We'd eat breakfast do a project, take a brake and walk on the beach or go into town for groceries or shopping on the day that it rained. Have lunch do some more of the same and then it would be time for dinner. We would finish up a project and pop in a movie and relax until the next day and do more of the same!
It was a great weekend and one we hope to repeat on a yearly basis!

Rodeo - Birthday on June 3rd!!

o.k., we had a rodeo on Saturday in Condon and Sunday the 3rd in Arlington. Bobbie won the Barrels in Condon.

She is doing the break-away roping this year. I think we will all be excited when she actually catches a calf!!!
Here is her Barrel run on Sunday in Arlington. She won a buckle on her birthday!!! It's a great buckle...picture to be shown later!

Happy 11th Birthday Bobbie!!!

I can not believe that my baby is 11 years old. Where does the time go? Where did my baby go? Bobbie is so "grown"...I guess she never has been much of a baby. Always a big girl. And look at her now! She certainly felt grown up when she opened her red razor phone for her birthday! She really thinks she is all that and a bag of chips now! Especially now that her phone is cooler than Mom and Dad's. Oh Pa-lese!!
Bobbie got to choose where she wanted to go for her Birthday dinner and picked Stetsons in Pendleton. And yes, it is a steak house! She brought her phone so she could put all her "peoples" number in it, different ring tones for different people and everyone is on a speed dial. She didn't even have to open the manual to figure it all out...I guess she programs my phone too, come to think of it.
Photo's of the birthday girl with her parents. Need to get a tri-pod so we can have those group shots!

Trip to Bend

David had to go to Bend to get a neck check-up. His neck still hurts him at times, but they say nothing is wrong. I think it's his shoulders more than anything. Dr. Ha gave him a shot in both shoulders- cortazone (sp?), and sent us on our way. Bobbie stayed home with a friend, so we took advatage of that and stayed a night. We had lunch at a nice little place and did a "cheesy" self- photo afterwards.
After the Doctors appointment we found a Martini bar, since neither one of us have ever been to one, we decided to give it a try. I had an extra dirty with tons of olives. YUMMY!! David had a fruity something that had Pendleton wiskey in it...imagine that!
Another sideways photo...(help me me help me Ronda!!) Dr. Ha giving David one of his shots. I'm sure the Dr. thinks I'm crazy for taking photos of the shots!

California here I come!!!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've updated my blog and a lot has been going on. huummmm, maybe that's why there's been nothing new added. I will try to catch everyone up!

I drove to Bellevue and got on a airplane (yes I did!) with my Mom and Sisto! I even have pictures from looking out the window. I even sat next to the window!! Anyways, we flew down to California to stay with my Auntie Betty and to paint her downstairs. The colors "we" picked out looked fantastic and it looks like a new house! It was so nice to see her and my other Auntie Susie! We did the whole "big" girl weekend. We went out to eat for lunches and dinners, we shopped and just had a great time being together. I just wish that we lived closer, so we could see more of each other.
Annette made these cute aprons for us to wear. They say Betty's Crew, and boy did Auntie Betty work us! hehehe

Once again, not sure how to rotate this picture, but here I am painting. Not the most flattering photo, but just wanted to show that I was painting. Annette and I painted 14 walls in 2 days! I want to finish painting my walls now!
Yep, me sitting next to the window on a AIRPLANE! Thanks for all the support Netty, oh and the beers helped too! Now I just need to figure out where I can fly to next!