Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures from the weekend.

So here is my baby. We were sitting around (like I can do much of anything else!) and Bobbie was saying she was bored as she flips thru the T.V. channels. She comes across some show with a photo shoot going on, and gives me that look. So, I told her to go get my make up and let me do her all up! She was sooo excited and loved the idea, because she can still not wear it out of the house. I really did her up and she looks fantastic in these photos!! What a beautiful little girl I have and am so lucky that she is just as beautiful on the inside! She wont be going out of the house with makeup on any time soon...it makes her look way to old!

The weather has been so fantastic these last couple of days, that David and Bobbie took advantage of it. Bobbie is lucky to have an Uncle Glenn who is letting her use his old horse Jackie, who will be taking Katie's spot. Bobbie is getting to know her and getting ready for this rodeo season, which will be starting up soon. I was so wanting to be on Skip (the horse David is leading), but had to be happy taking photos. I will be up and riding in no time though!! I can't stand all of this taking it easy crap!! Well, a little time off has been nice!
I love how happy this makes them! The joy shows all over their faces!

O.k., here are some of the projects I have done while I've been down. I got the old sewing machine out and made this really cute purse. The best thing is that Bobbie is making one too! I've been showing her how and will post hers when she is done.
I made these cute boxes for Marla June's store for Valentines day. She was hoping that people would buy them for gift boxes or to put their jewls in! I haven't been up there since the surgery and am hoping they were a big success. Not all have hearts, so we were also thinking with Mother's Day coming up...

Here is my Boo. He looked so cute just soaking up the sun. I just love this big old bear!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's day

This is what I opened up for Valentine's Day. Even though we weren't going to do anything for each other this year. Way to busy with everything that was going on in my life to have to think about finding the right gift. So, David gets this for me as a surpise. He said it was to make me feel good, but some how it just made me feel bad, 'cause I was so out of sorts trying to deal with my Grandpa's passing and the up coming knee surgery to be romantic!! Thanks David, for making me feel special on Valentine's day. I promise to learn to make your favorite drink...well, I bet Bobbie can!!!
(Thanks Shey, for giving David the right info on the machine! He told me you helped out!)
I didn't feel so bad the next day when Bobbie figured out how to use the machine. For no formal training that girl's going to give Starbucks a run for it's money!! She whipped this drink up in no time flat and has been bringing me latte's in bed!!
This is my favorite Valentine's gift! When I got home from my Grandpa's service, Whtiney had turned our Christmas tree into a beautiful Valentine's tree!! David had never gotten around to putting the tree back in storage, so Whitney and Bobbie made great heart candy ornaments, put lights on and even had a pink heart feather tree topper!!!
Thank you so much Whitney for the wonderful tree and for taking such great care of my daughter! She is still talking and telling stories of your visit and how much fun she had with you here!

Time to get a little crazy!

Ronda stopped by the house with Landon one day, when Bobbie's friend Dally was over. The girls had been watching America's Next Top Model re-runs and decided to do their hair and make up all crazy like the models had to do and then do a photo shoot.
When Landon saw how much fun the girls were having, he wanted to join in. Landon wanted his hair done, wild and crazy. So after I tried to get his hair to stick up all over, he informed me he wanted a Moowhawk! So we crimped just the center and hair-sprayed the heck out of it and turned the girls loose with the make up.
What a sweet little kissy face!
Here's the real monster!!! How scary!
How does this girl do it? She's got crazy make up and still looks fantastic!

Dally, you totaly rocked this photo shoot! You are gorgous!!!!

Girls just want to have fun!

Best Friends Forever!!!