Sunday, May 13, 2007

Running thru the Sprinklers

Boo-Boo gives the best and biggest kisses ever!!!!!
Look at that smile, what a sweetie!
Missy decided that a run thru might not be so bad...once was enough.
Boo-Boo loves to run thru the sprinklers with Bobbie. He will play in them all day long if he could.

Lucky wont run, he just likes to lay in the cool, wet grass.
Not sure how to move this picture to vertical, but loooove the joy on her face. SHE brings me so much JOY! I took over 100 photos this day, it was so easy to just keep clicking away. The sun was shinning and spring was definitely in the air!

Coeur d'Alene rodeo

Here is Bobbie doing the goat tying. She did really well, received a time and then was waved out with a No Time...not sure why, her goat stayed down and tied. It stuck as a no time though.
This was an awesome barrel ride for Bobbie. She won her age group with this one!
We are so proud of Bobbie for doing this breakaway roping! She did not want to rope, but on Saturday during the clinic we talked her into giving it a try. She had some great coaching and got the bug, so much so she had us enter her in the event on Sunday. She didn't catch her calf, but she tried it and is hooked! Way to try something new Bobbie!!!
It was a great start on her pole run. She knocked down 2 and came in 6th. Boy was she ticked off!
Here she is steer daubing. She really likes this event and she came in 3rd for her age group.
Dally Sue and Bobbie having some fun between events. Get them together and they always have fun! Such cute and nice girls!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Heppner Wranglers

Here's my girl riding Skip around the barrels at Heppner. Love the pony tail (on Bobbie) swinging in the wind. Quite the action shot there.
She decided to take Katie around the poles. She isn't used to riding her around the poles, but they still did pretty good together. I love the two little boys sitting on the railings, that's what this Heppner rodeo is all about...FAMILY! We love to go and have made some good friends from there.
What rodeo would be complete without puppies? Are friends have 2 female blue healer dogs who were visited about a week apart from a neighboring boarder collie. They had 20 puppies. One litter had 9, the other 11. They are going to be the smartest dogs. Both parents are great working dogs. They are the biggest cuddle-rs too, they get right into your neck and just stay there. Last time I checked they only had 2 left, which is good because their corgi who they wanted to be pregnant is due this week sometime. Lots of puppies! Bobbie had spent the night with their daughter when all 20 puppies were still around...I tried to figure a way to go with her so I could play too. I would of been in heaven!!!
Our friend Brytni and her 2 year old came with us to watch the rodeo. David and I took turns giving Maddie a ride on Katie. She kept telling me to "go round gen". I think David is practicing on being a grandpa! Hehehe

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's RODEO time!

O.k., it's that time of year again for us. These photos were taken in Nespelem, Washington. It's up by the Grand Cooley Dam. Bobbie had a Junoir Rodeo there. We went up Friday morning, she competed in the evening events, we had dinner and then spent the night in our new trailer. We had so much fun!! We got up and drove home Saturday morning to give the horses a break, because we had a rodeo in Heppner, Oregon on Sunday.
Bobbie is ridding Skip. I just love how these two work together. They look pretty good!
Not sure how she placed after Saturday and Sunday's events. I will keep ya'll updated on that. You'll just have to check back on that...ya hear?

Remember this one?

Do you remember this photo? It was taken in August of 1999. I can't believe that time has gone by so quickly and that my baby girl isn't such a "baby" any more. I think this has to be one of my all time favorite photos of her. The whole photo shoot turned out some pretty stinkin' cute photos of her. Man, where does the time go???
Love you BABY girl!