Sunday, September 30, 2007

Washington State Finals

Here she goes around her 2nd barrel at the finals in Oakanogan, Washington. The rodeo started on Friday night, a performance on Saturday and one on Sunday. We had to wait until this evening to figure out where she landed score wise. We got a call from friends and heard that she won the barrels for her age group and placed 3rd in the Steer Daubing.
At one point during the rodeo I went into the rodeo office to get Bobbie's jacket that she had ordered, and saw all of the beautiful buckles sitting on the table. The ladies working let me take pictures of all of them. I was hoping that Bobbie might win one! These buckles are beautiful and Bobbie is very excited to receive hers next weekend at the Junior High rodeo. Way to go Bobbie!!
Bobbie and David sharing a laugh between events. They have so much fun at these rodeos!!
Bobbie ended up 3rd in the Steer Daubing. David was hazing for her, but got out of the gate a little slow. She ended up with a 3.69 second time anyways!! She's excited about winning her buckle for the Barrels, but I think she's even more excited about receiving some money for her 3rd place. We let her keep half of her winnings to spend on what ever she wants and the other half goes into her savings account.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy 50th David!

Happy Birthday to you!!!! We went to celebrate the big 50 tonight at Hamely's Steak House in Pendleton. It was very good and we all ate way to much! We even had dessert and of course I thought a cup of coffee would be perfect with the Creme bru-lay(sorry, have no idea on how to spell that one!) and now I can't sleep!! But at least the pictures are getting up. The restaurant is decorated beautifully, and Bobbie thinks we should re-due our house in the same decor...well I guess if we start saving our pennies now...
Bobbie has David wrapped around her finger. She called him today after volleyball practice and asked if he would come get her because she wanted to spend the day with him, it being his birthday and all. So, he did. She even had the Correa tradition of having Hostess ding-dongs with candles for an early morning treat. She did it before I had my camera ready, so no photos of that. But David loved it and all the presents she wrapped up for him. I think the favorite was when Bobbie wrapped an old buckle she won last year and had written a note saying that when this years "all around" buckle came in(the one she won last Saturday at the Prosser series) it would be his. What a great way to say Thanks Dad for taking me to all of my rodeo's this year!!
I told David he better be telling people what a stud he is, him being 50 years old but married to somebody in her 30's. Well, for another year he can use that one.
Happy Birthday Honey!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Look at the size difference here. Bobbie is number 6 and Kirsten is number 32, she's an eighth grader. Bobbie made it as a floater and plays in both the A and B teams. She is really diggin' the whole Volleyball action. She doesn't even complain when she has to wake up at 6a.m. to get ready for their 6:40 practice before school. What a trooper!

They all use blue markers and write all over themselves at the games. They consider it school spirit...I'm not sure what I think about it. Good thing it's not a Sharpie!!
Pep talk from Coach Scott.
A game at the Echo gym. Nice Bump Bobbie!!! Good form! Way to play! Did I miss anything?

Rodeo Pictures

Just going through some rodeo pictures and really liked how these looked. We have one more in Prosser, Washington this weekend. Then the finals for the Eastern division the last weekend in September in Oakanogan, Washington. The final one for the winter is in Ellensburg, Washington and it's part of the Junior High Wrangler division. I think we have one more barrel club and then that's it. Well, until next May! Happy trails to you...
The top photo was in Davenport, Washington.

This one is from La Grande, Oregon.

This one too!

This One is from one of the Prosser series.

Love the look of pure JOY she has on her face. She lives to do this! This was in St. Maries, Idaho. What a pretty place that is. It was such a beautiful drive. Lots of water and tons of TREES!! Reminded me a lot of Bellevue/Seattle area, even the down poor on Sunday. ;)