Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ronda Rocks!

Just want to post a quick and very heartfelt THANK YOU to Ronda for her patience and skills on helping me get this blog up and going! I owe you so much more than a lunch! Thanks also for being such a great friend...
I love you girl!!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Shey!!!

Kyla, Sue Ellen and Shey

On Friday March 23rd Shey invited Kyla and myself to join her for a mini spa day in the Tri-cities. It was sooo nice to have a pedi, mani and a massage all before noon!! Then we went to the mall for a little shopping and lunch at Azteca. Yum-my!!

Thanks Shey for sharing your day with me!!
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Spring Break in Boise, Idaho.

We went to Boise, Idaho during spring break so David could look for a truck. We didn't find a truck but we did find a Cabela's store. What a fun store! They had so much to look at and do, Bobbie and I had just as much fun as David did. He found some of his gun/hobby stuff, Bobbie found 2 pairs of shoes and a couple t-shirts. Bobbie took our picture in front of the wild life they had on display in Cabela's.
More of the critters...
Bobbie found a cute fake dog...
David managed to get it angry and attack...
Meanwhile, Bobbie kicks back with her Starbucks on a display hammock.

Another cool display in Cabela's.

We went to a place called McGraths and enjoyed some great sea food on Tuesday night.

Bobbie tried her 1st oyster and loved it. Then followed that with a crab cake, salmon and prawn dinner. I think she had the best dinner.

I found a couple of scrapbook stores to check out.
(notice there is no picture of me at a scrapbook store. It is kinda hard to shop and take pictures of myself at the same time. Needless to say, I still found some cute stuff at the stores.)

Bobbie and David found the pool at the hotel.
Bobbie had a little green foam ball that was tossed around a lot!

She catches the ball, kinda like Mike???

That girl swam and swam and swam. She had so much fun and it was so fun to watch her interact with the other kids from the hotel. What happens when we get older, that it's so much harder to meet people? Why can't we just start a game in the pool and enjoy each others company? Very fun to watch that happen with Bobbie.
We found a Macaroni Grill on Thursday as we headed out of town. We had a great lunch and I am kinda glad there isn't one around here, because I would gain some serious weight!

Time to head home and get back to our "normal" life!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I also love this part of my room...

and this part too!
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My "crap-room" aka: My office

Here is my space.
I love my space.

It is very neat in these pictures but, does not often (o.k. never) stay this way. How can a girl be creative when it's totally neat? Everything has a spot, and I pretty much know where everything is. I only have to hunt for things now and again. This is where I come and hide, or work on things or just regroup.

This is all me.

I don't have to share it with anyone, yet I have just about everyone represented in here. Missy even has a dogie bed that I sewed for her that matches the curtain I made. She hangs out in here with me.

I listen to music or I watch my TV that has the HGTV and DIY channels on it. Whatever mood I am in. Sometimes I stick in a DVD when I don't feel like crafting. Bobbie will sometimes come in and have dessert in here with me, or we'll craft together.

David usually just stands at the door, he rarly comes all the way in. Maybe it's to pink for him? Or maybe he just doesn't understand my organized state of creativity?

This is my room.

I love this room!
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Sunday, March 18, 2007


The perfect cheese egg breakfast. It was sssoooooo good! I just wish grandpa could have made it for me. The crispy was there, but just not as good as his old cast-iron skillet would have made it. Oh, and I used pepper jack cheese instead of cheddar, which he would of never used. I even tore my bacon in half and pretended that I only got a half piece...well until I needed more bacon of course. Notice the plastic jug of tea in the back ground. You just don't mess with perfection!!!

Love you Capt. Grandpa!
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here is a picture of my new perpetual calendar. Annette and I took this class in Portland last weekend. They gave us some papers that I did not want to use, so I waited until I got home and did it my way. I looooovvveee it!! It is just fun bright colors and I love that photo of Bobbie. I think I'll change photos every month, it will be a work in progress all year long! I also want to do one for the kitchen fridge. Different colors (most likely a western theme) and let Bobbie be in charge of that one. This pink girlie one is in my scrapbook room and is all mine!!! It works on magnets, so every month I just change the month tag and move the numbers into their right spots.
Thanks for looking!!!
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just had to put this picture in, LOVE IT. It is such a Bobbie look right now. I'm 10 going on 20, I'm cute and I don't want my picture taken anymore, and don't let anybody see you taking my picture! I don't know how I could have been so lucky to have her and that she gives me so much joy. Grief sometimes, but mostly joy!!!
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This is the book I am teaching at the Bucket this Tuesday. There is this color combo and then a blue and brown combo. Both the same papers, just the different colors. Sepia toned photos look great with the browns. Very easy to make and fast too! After the class all you'll have to do is add the photo every month. And the journaling too.

This is Jan. & Feb.'s photos. I haven't journaled yet, kinda want to wait until after the class, who knows, maybe i'll be brave and just do it and who cares what others think of my writing...right???

Just one of the other pages waiting for their turn to be embellished. Every page has the same layout, so it's very easy to do!
The page on the right is a pocket, so you pull it out to put on the photo and journaling.
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Pictures of us at Niki and Austins wedding. David looked very handsome in his rented tux, even though it did not fit worth a darn. We drove to Portland friday and came home sunday. 2 different hotels and miles of driving. The over-all wedding turned out nice and the happy couple were happy with how everything went.

Bobbie is loving basketball practice 3 nights a week. She has never done any extra activities besides rodeo, so she is having a ball...sorry, could resist that one! She comes home starving and tired!
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