Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just another view of the book, I really liked how it turned out.
Can ya just imagine Bobbie's eyes when she saw that our steak dinner was in the shape of hearts??? They were very yummy!!!
New table decorations for Love day. Copied the idea of the candle and pink candy corn from Tiffany and Sharon. Thanks girls, it turned out really pretty!!!
Hope everybody had a wonderful Valentine's day!
Love you all!
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These are the 2 roses that Bobbie brought home from school today. She got one from 2 different boys in her class. I guess she was feeling pretty dang cool, because none of the other girls in her class recieved a rose from a boy. It starts in the 5th grade I guess!!
Here is that book class I thought at the Bucket, with some photos inside. The little book at the top right has 10 pockets in it, with 10 reasons why I love David. The bottom book has 36 pages with photos and love quotes. David said he really liked it. I sure hope so!
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Here is a close-up of this beauty! Way to go Bobbie!!!!
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Today was the CJRA awards banquet. Bobbie was trying to play it cool and not be so excited, but I know she was ready to explode with joy! She's always so excited to go see her rodeo buddies, but knowing that she was to get a buckle
made it even more exciting! She placed first in the barrels and 3rd in the poles. What a fantastic buckle and fancy spur straps for her third place. They handed out some mighty fine awards today. She will be sitting at the top of her age group this year, which will put her in a great spot for all-around and maybe a new saddle! I keep waiting for the buckles for the mom and dad's who back all these kids up. Since it looks like that's the only way I'll be getting one!
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Here is our Echo cheerleader! The high school cheerleaders put on a cheer camp for the elementry girls and of course Bobbie had to do that! She learned tons of new cheers and with all the practicing she did, I now know all the cheers! She had so much fun at the camp and they had the girls perform at half time for the varsity basketball game. I have a feeling that I might be a cheer coach some time in the not so far future.
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