Saturday, April 28, 2007

7 Random things about me

O.k., was just catching up on my favorite blogs to look at. We left for a rodeo on Friday morning and just got back tonight (sat) and on a couple of them, they did a " 7-random things about me" and I thought it looked fun, so here we go!

1. I realized how much I would miss my computer, if anything were to happen to it when my laptop did not work in the horse trailer last night at the rodeo. Thank goodness it was lack of power in the trailer and NOT my laptop! It was the first thing I checked on when I got home today. And thanks to my brother Lee, I should have more memory on my laptop as soon as I get a chance to put it on there. What a geek ( and I mean that in the bestest way ever) I am getting to be!

2. I am totally hooked on green tea at the moment. Not the stuff with all the sweetener in it (not that I mind it), but the real stuff. Hot or Cold it doesn't matter, ANY time of day. LOOOOVE IT!

3. I wish I could loose about 10 to 15 pounds. Right this instant. We just got a tread-climber a really nice one, and I just get to using it and something always comes up. Like a rodeo or science fair night at the school, or family or friends coming over or... I guess I really just need to get on it to have those 10 to 15 pounds come off.

4. I would really love to go get into the bathtub, add some bubbles, have a cold beer and read a really good book. We have our friends 2 year old over and Bobbie has a friend over and they are "babysitting" Maddie. I don't think they realized how much work a little girl or babysitting could be! Soooooo my bath will be put on hold.

5. I made a really good casserole on Thursday night, but did not eat any. So I have been craving it ever since. I ate some today when I got home (after checking my computer) and now I'm thinking I need some more! Yummmmmmy!

6. David is reading over my shoulder right now, and he is making fun of me. Obviously he does not know how much fun blogging is or how much fun reading other people's random things are.

7. Lee just called and told us that he just spent 6 bucks on steer manure...I wonder if we're in the wrong business. Money for steer poop! huuuummmmmmmmmm...

O.k. Annette, your next. Let's hear your random things! Any body else game??

Monday, April 16, 2007

Missy Foo Foo

Is this not the cutest face ever??? Look how happy she is, and that smile is just too cute!!! She really has us wrapped around her little paws!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Sunday doesn't get any better than this!

Happy Easter to everyone, just a little late. We had a wonderful Sunday of the Easter Bunny, a rodeo in Pendleton and a beautiful spring day playing outdoors.We still love to dye eggs. I think we enjoy it so much, because of the egg salad sandwiches, the deviled eggs and just the yummy hard boiled egg itself! We never seem to make enough. Bobbie did a wonderful job, and tried a new technique. My little artist!!
Bobbie is warming up 'ol Skippy. What a great horse.
David and Bobbie discuse some stratagies on how she should run the barrels today.
Bobbie and her girlfriend Dally Sue discuse...well, I'm afraid of what they might be talking about. These days you never know if it's about horses, school, friends or yep, you guessed it...BOYS!
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I keep telling myself not yet, but I think the time is fast aproching that boys are not all that bad. yikes!

Monday, April 2, 2007

The new Horse Trailer

Here is the front view of the trailer. We've got it parked next to our pump house, where we can plug it in so we have lights and running water. Even air conditioning when it gets so hot!
Bobbie had a friend over this weekend, and they played "Vet" in it all weekend. They even tried to sleep out there, but got chicken and came inside!

We can carry 4 horses and a whole bunch of stuff! There is a sleeping place for David and I up in the nose, and the kitchen table (slide-out part) will convert to a bed for Bobbie. Water, shower, toilet, microwave, oven, fridge & freezer even a place for a t.v.

I'll get pictures of the inside soon, had the wrong lens on the camera.

So now when we have people over, they can stay in the guest room in our trailer house, or out in their own private guest trailer house! hehehe