Monday, July 23, 2007

more photos from the weekend

Here are the girls at the pizza place. Tristin, Bobbie and Briana. Such pretty girls.
Here is the gang hanging out in the shade a the Prosser rodeo.
Forgot to mention that Mom, Susie and Betty's cousin came to the rodeo for awhile. Canon and his wife live in Kennewick. Glad to see that he could make it over for a visit!
Gotta wonder what she's thinking with that look on her face. Wonder what it was???? Maybe it's best not to know...


O.k., these photos aren't in any order ( i need some blog classes!!) but i need to tell you about our surprise this weekend. We went to a rodeo in Colville, Washington on friday the 20th. It was a night rodeo and was clear past Spokane. After it was done, well actually before it was over, we headed out to another rodeo in Prosser, Washington on the other side of the state. We pulled over in Ritzville around 1a.m. to get alittle sleep. We woke up and started to drive and had 2 flats on the horse trailer. Luckily Les Schwab was just opening in the tri-cities and got us in and on our way lickity-split! We made it just in time for the rodeo and the family who I knew was showing up. Mom & Dad, Annette, Micheal & Briana and Lee & Tracy were all planning to stay the night in Prosser and then head over to Toppinish on Sunday with us to watch Bobbie there as well. The surprise for us was that Auntie Susie and Auntie Betty were in the back seat too! They flew up to Seattle from California on Friday night to sit in the car and come all the way over to watch Bobbie rodeo! It was soooooo great that they could do that! We had all day Saturday to visit and watch the rodeo, when it was over we all headed to the hotel they were staying at and went for a refreshing swim. After cooling off, we all went into town and had pizza for dinner. Our friends the Trumble's joined us too. Their daughter rodeo-ed with Bobbie that day and is the same age as our girls. They had fun playing video games and talking while us adults sat and chit-chated.
Once again, not sure how to change this photo so it's the right direction, but loved it and had to put it in!!! On Sunday in Toppinish, it was tough enough to wear pink day. They do it to support Breast cancer awareness and do donations as well. It was great to see people in there pink stuff!!
Here is some of us trying to stay in the shade under the shade tent. We all would move as the sun did, but boy what a nice thing to have in the heat of the day!!
A picture of Bobbie running the barrels. She knocked this one down right after the photo was taken but had a great run. She did really well this weekend and we are still waiting to hear how her times held on Friday in Colville.

Thanks again to all the family who showed up and put up with the heat to spend the weekend with us. We love you all big and miss you already!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Out to Dinner

When we were in Portland, we meet Sara & Adam, Niki & Austin and Amiee at Chevy's for dinner. The girls wanted to see David for Father's day. The food was good, and so were the Margarita's. It was great seeing the girls and their husbands. I can't believe how old they are and that they are married and will make David a Grandpa! I can't wait to snuggle that baby!!!
Dally Sue, Bobbie, Sara and Niki.
Amiee and David.
All of us girls. The guys didn't want to pose for the camera, party poopers!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our summer vacation

After the "big" girl weekend, David brought Bobbie and our other daughter Dally Sue down to the beach house for our summer vacation. We had soooo much fun playing on the beach and just hanging out. Since we are gone every weekend rodeo-ing (Dally too!) it was nice having time to go during the middle of the week, and the house was so nice to stay at.

David caught these 2 cute fishes!
These girls learned how to body surf in the freezing cold water, and they had soooo much fun. They looked so totally cool doing it too, dude!

They wrapped themselves in towels (nothing underneath) and did a little skinny-dippin' in the ocean. They always have so much together, and I love to watch them together, they act just like sisters.
Their first view of the ocean on this trip, they were so excited.

On our way home from the beach we stayed in Portland for the night. We went to the zoo and the girls did not get enough swimming at the beach, so they spent a lot of time in the pool. They are wild and of course I had to take lots of photos!
I found these cute guys at the zoo, but I couldn't talk them into going home with me!
Love this photos of the girls at the zoo. They had to see every animal and crossed each one off on their zoo map. They had their phones out and took tons of photos too!
Look at David in his Zoo walking clothes. Looks like he's straight out of the pages of GQ! Very handsome.