Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Volleyball practice

Once again, a sideways photo, but since it was taken at 6:30 this morning, it kinda fits in! Bobbie came home from her first day, and as I guessed, it was all one word answers. Fine, hamburgers and the 2 new boys are not cute! The exciting news however, is Volleyball practice started this morning at 6:30a.m. She is trying out for the jr. high team. In her small school, whoever tries out makes the team, but they have an A & B team. It will be an adventure since she has never done any extra-curricular activities. Can't wait to go to the games and get tons of photos!!!
A picture of her going into the gym with Missy's right ear in the lower left corner from the inside of my Jeep. Off and running, so excited and me wanting to capture every minute. She asked me on the way to school if I was going to watch her first Volleyball meeting/practice. I had just thrown on sweats with no under-goodies on and hadn't run a comb through my hair, so I told her maybe tomorrow if she still wanted me to. It almost made me cry, that she still wanted me to go in with her. I also got a kiss good-bye in the parking lot and the "I Love you" hand sign as she walked away, soooo thankful for those open displays of affection!!! I know all to soon that it will stop when she's older and to "cool" for that. I will enjoy what I can get today and make sure I wear under-goodies tomorrow, so I can go watch!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First day of 6th grade!

I am trying to get her pictures done (ya know the ones...the first day of each grade) and she gets a text message from her girl Dally Sue who goes to school in Pendleton and doesn't start until after Labor Day. I can just imagine that conversation. I can NOT believe that my baby has started Junior High School. It just doesn't seem possible. How can time go by sooo quickly?
Just look at her though, she does look the part. She looks about 15 instead of 11. She had to make sure the hair and jewelry were just right. She would of really liked to wear some make-up, but that isn't going to happen yet. I keep telling her how pretty she is without it, and yes I know Mom, that you are sitting there giggling at that comment because you had to tell 2 of us that. And how it's all coming back to haunt me. But it just doesn't seem possible that I'm having to deal with all of that just yet!! Thank goodness that boys are not in the picture yet. I know it's coming soon and that her friends are starting to think they're(boys that is) are cute, but Bobbie still claims they're gross. I'll just hold on to that one for as long as possible!!
So, I'll be at home today wondering what to do with all the quite-ness and not having her with me all the time. Missing her like crazy, hoping that she is loving her 1st day of Jr. high and having fun with all of her friends she hasn't seen all summer. I can't wait to hear how it all went and I'm sure that when she walks through that door and I ask her about her day, I'll get the one word answers of: fine, good, no homework today and pizza (or whatever she had for lunch) and then I'll know that every thing went well and we're back to school as usual.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Summer Afternoon...

Bobbie making Skip look beautiful. She loves to baby her horses. And what a beautiful day to sit out on the deck and watch her. I love the way she loves her horses and her dogs and her Mom and Dad. LOVE HER!
Taking a short cut thru the sprinklers and getting cooled off.

What can I say? Is this the movie star shot or what? Look at the sparkle in her glasses. And those lips... I have this photo as a 8 x 10 glossy on the fridge, and every time I walk by, I want to give those lips a great big kiss!!
o.k., if I could figure out how to rotate this photo, it would really show you her "all that and a bag of chips" attitude. I love her anyways!!! She will fit right into that Jr. high attitude, I just can't believe that she's a 6th grader!!!

p.s. Ronda, if you're out there, are we still doing a blog class/get together any time soon???? As you can see, I need the help!!!!!