Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where did March go??

I keep thinking in the back of my mind, you need to blog something...you haven't done that for awhile...So, I finally get ready to blog-and I can't get my pictures off of my camera. This entry will be a quick fix for what happened in March, just minus the pictures. I am hoping to fix this problem tomorrow!
Let's see. We started the month off with our 15 year anniversary. We've done alot in those last 15 years, I wonder what will happen in the next 15? Wow, where does the time go??
I have also been going to Pendleton 3 times a week for physical therapy. My knee seems to be doing better, but it still needs some work. The soreness before the surgery is starting to show up, now that the pain from the surgery is disappearing. Let's just hope all the pain goes away with more physical therapy! I really like my therapist, and it is helping.
I also had to have my yearly "girly" check-up. Which is never fun, but normal. Except this year. I was informed all through-out my appointment that we needed to do more "things" because "you are at that age, ya know." So, I went in for my very first mammogram, and I am happy to report that all things are just fine. I just want to remind everyone, that I will NOT be that age until the end of October. Thank you.
I did get to do a very fun girl weekend in the middle of the month. My Mom, Sister, Sharon, Tiffany and their Mom Lana all got to go to Manzanita beach again. We stayed in the same house as last summer and had a blast! Just us girls hanging out, eating out and enjoying ourselves! We did it, because Tiffany and her family will be moving to Alaska in June. Her husband Jim is in the Coast Guard and is being transferred. We all wanted to have one more girl weekend together before they got busy with packing up a house, finishing up the school year with their 3 kids and everything else it takes to move. The one bright spot in all this, is that they will move back in 2 to 3 years when Jim's time is up. Yippie, we get them back!!
Bobbie is getting ready for her rodeo season to start. Her 1st rodeo is the first weekend in April, and she has been trying to get her horses back into shape. We lost her mare this winter, and she is getting to know the one her "uncle" Glen is letting her use. Jackie (the horse) took his 2 girls through their years of rodeo and is now helping Bobbie get through hers. There is nothing like a good 'ol rodeo horse who knows what they're doing and loves to do it. Jackie is 26 years old and I swear she goes back to being 16 years when she goes through a rodeo gate!!
I have been doing a few craft projects here and there and am ready to get back into being creative and cranking some projects out, but now that it's rodeo season-I will just have to see how much time I get to play. Now that my craft room is pretty much done and clean...a creative clean that is, I will sneak in here every chance I get!
Bobbie had her Spring Break. We didn't go anywhere or do anything. We did however, have one spontaneous night, where we invited ourselves to stay at Sharon's house. Bobbie and I had gone to the Tri-Cities to my Doctor's appointment (knee surgeon) and to do a little shopping. After meeting Sharon for lunch, Bobbie said we should stay the night with her. I told her how it wasn't polite to ask ourselves over, but then I liked the idea and felt kinda bad that we hadn't gotten to do anything fun for Spring Break. So I called and asked her if she wanted company that night, and luckily she wasn't busy and said yes! We finished our shopping and checked out all the clearance racks for pj's and the travel section in Target for a toothbrush and that sort of thing, while we waited for Sharon to get off of work. We took home Panda Express for dinner, watched Celebrity Apprentice and went to bed. Just good times hanging out with a great friend. Thanks for the hospitality Sharon!
Just one more thing to share. I wish I could have a picture of this, but it isn't really picture material. Bobbie stayed home with me yesterday. We hung out, she helped me pick-up the house, shared lunch together, ran some errands, went to physical therapy and did some grocery shopping. Nothing real exciting happened. Lots of giggles, lots of hugs that I can't ever get enough of and just spending a great day together. What topped it all off was later. I had gone to soak in a bubble bath. Bobbie had come in and out of the bathroom a couple times and just as I was getting a little upset and about to tell her to let me have some "quiet" time, she told me to close my eyes. Of course I started thinking of all the stuff she could of gotten into and wondering what kind of mess was waiting for me...when I heard her giggle and she climbed into the tub with me! Now as I think about it, I get all teary eyed, because that has not happened in along time! I am so blessed that she wanted to keep our day going and give us more time together. I'm also blessed that I have a big bath tub, 'cause it was a tight fit! She's growing up right in front of my eyes and I will take every moment she throws my way to spend time with her. Even if it means splashing water all over the carpet in our bathroom, having extra towels to wash, my quiet time taken away...but those moments will last with me for a long time. Thank you Bobbie for being such a great daughter and for turning into such a great friend!!
Well, I think that sums up March and I hope to be adding some fun pictures soon!